Fusion SCD Privacy Policy

About Us

Fusion Lifestyle is a registered charity (Charity Number: 1107737) operating in the sports and leisure sector (referred to variously as 'Fusion Lifestyle', 'Fusion', 'Us' and 'We' in this statement).

For the purposes of the data processing described in this statement, Fusion Lifestyle act as the Data Controller unless otherwise stated.


At Fusion we will always take the security of your personal data extremely seriously and will process it in a fair, transparent and lawful way.

When you share your information with us through the website and other channels, we want you to feel confident that your data is kept securely and that it will only be processed in ways about which you have been informed and where appropriate have given your consent.

Fusion adheres to the requirements of the Data Protection Act (2018) and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

Should you have any questions relating to this notice or our processing of personal data, please email DPO@Fusion-Lifestyle.com or contact us at the address below. 

Where do we collect your information?

We may collect information about you at a number of stages in your use of our service.


You may be referred to our service by a healthcare professional, hospital or via a self-referral. As part of the referral they may share with us your contact information and the reason for their referral including information about your medical history and existing health conditions.  Where the referral is provided by a health professional or other body, they will seek your consent to share this information with us.

If you refer yourself, we will require your explicit consent to process the information in your referral form. 

We will hold referral information in order to contact you about our service.

If you choose not to participate in our service the referral information will be removed, otherwise it will be added to the information we collect about you at registration.


When you register with or engage with a Fusion Lifestyle service, we may record the basic information we need in order to be able to provide the service to you and/or contact you. This will include your name, where you live, information about why you are using a Fusion Lifestyle service and the work that we are doing with you

Data collected from you will be retained while you use our service and may be held for up to seven years for compliance purposes.

During The Programme

Throughout the delivery of our services, we may collect information about your progress and further needs.

What Personal Information Do You Record?

The type of information (including personal information) that we collect and use and what we do with it will depend upon your relationship with us.

We collect only the personal data that we require to provide you with the  services safely, fulfil contracts or keep in touch.

The data that we need to collect will vary, but may include:

o Your name

o Your contact details, including email, telephone number and postal address

o Your date of birth

o Next of Kin / Emergency Contact

o Reason for Referral

o Healthcare Information

o Medical History

o Medications in Use

o GP Name

o NI Number 

o NHS Number

o Ethnicity information

o Disability information

Special Categories of Data

Due to the nature of the services we provide, some of the data we collect is sensitive.

Information relating to your health and medical history. These are considered to be Special Categories of Data under GDPR and we are required to take extra care when handling this information.

How Do We Use Your Information?

Fusion Lifestyle will only use your information in a fair and transparent manner and where we have a legal basis for doing so. 

To Keep in Contact

In order to provide the services that you have been referred for, we will need to communicate with you to arrange exercise sessions and discuss aspects of your requirements.

This communication may be via Mail, Email, Telephone or SMS.

Legal Basis:  Performance of Contract

To tell you about events and other services that may be of interest to you

Fusion Lifestyle provide a range of support services and opportunities to exercise at our centres.

If we feel that you may be interested in services for which you are not currently registered, we would like to send you this information.

Legal Basis: Legitimate Interests

To provide the services you have agreed to

Whichever programme you have been referred for (Exercise on Referral, Cardiac Rehab, Stroke Rehab or other), our exercise instructors will work with you to develop an exercise programme that meets your needs and enables you to exercise safely.

in order to do this, our instructors will refer to the health information provided in your referral.  This information may be of a sensitive nature as it relates to your health. We will only divulge this information to personnel who have a need to know in order to provide the services for which you have agreed. We will ask you for your explicit consent to process this data at the time that you register with us.

Legal Basis: Fulfilment of contract

To refer you for services provided by other service providers

Under some circumstances, it may be that we feel additional support services would be of use to you which may be provided through other service providers. In this case, we will seek your consent to refer you for these services.

Legal Basis: Consent 

To provide anonymous reports to our clients and funders

Fusion operates the majority of our sports development services under the commission of a Local Authority or other  client.  We may be required to provide reports to our client to demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of our service. Where we do so, information will be anonymised so that individual service users are not identifiable.

Legal Basis: Legitimate Interests

Sharing & Disclosure

Your information will only be accessed by people who need to do so as part of their role.  This could include:

Within Fusion Lifestyle:

o Exercise on Referral coordinators who manage our services.

o Exercise instructors to help them develop and deliver programmes.

Third Parties:

We will never sell your information or disclose it to a third party for their own use without your consent.

There are circumstances in which we utilise the services of other organisations in the delivery of our services.

o In some of our contracts we utilise a secure referral portal to receive and process referrals from healthcare professionals. (Refer-All)

o Booking and membership management systems are supported by our systems providers (Gladstone Health & Leisure).

o Our internal it systems are supported by a specialist IT support organisation (CoopSYs).

o Contract Exercise Instructors.

Wherever we use third parties in this way we will ensure, through contracts, that the security of your data and the integrity of your rights as a data subject are maintained in no lesser way than had we processed it ourselves.

We operate our services on behalf of local authority clients who require us to provide performance and quality management reports to them. Where we provide such reports the data will be anonymised so that individuals cannot be identified


The GDPR legislation provides you with a number of rights in relation to your personal data.

Right to Withdraw Consent

Where you have consented to our processing of your data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. To do so, please contact DPO@Fusion-Lifestyle .com or write to us using the details below in section 11.

Right to Access

You have a right to obtain copies of the information that we hold about you.

To request access to any data, please email DPO@Fusion-Lifestyle.com or write to us at the address below explaining which data you require. In the interest of security, you will need to prove your identity before any information can be shared with you.

Under certain circumstances we may not be able to disclose all of the information you request, for example if it contains information about other people or there are legal reasons for us to withhold the data.

Right to Rectification

We would like to ensure that the data we hold about you is accurate and up-to-date. If you believe the data we hold is inaccurate, please tell us in the first instance, or use the update page available on the website. However, you may also ask us formally to correct your data by emailing  DPO@Fusion-Lifestyle.com or writing to us at the below address in section 11.

Right to Erasure or the Restriction of Processing

In certain circumstances you can ask us to remove your data from our systems by emailing DPO@Fusion-Lifestyle.com or writing to us at the below address. If there is a legal reason for us to continue holding the data we will let you know, otherwise we will make efforts to comply with your request. You may ask us to restrict our processing of your data if:

We are using the data for marketing

You believe that our processing of the data is unlawful

You object to us using your data (pending investigation)

In these circumstances, we may continue to store your information, but will otherwise only process it with your consent or where we have a legal reason to do so. 

Right to Complain

If you are concerned about the way we have processed your personal information, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO).  To do so please refer to the ICO website.


Fusion reserves the right to make changes to our privacy policy from time to time. Where we do so, we will publish the new policy on our website www.fusion-lifestyle.com and where appropriate notify you by email.


Postal Address: 

Fusion Lifestyle, 

Unit 4, Bickels Yard, 

151-153 Bermondsey Street, 

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