Ice Rink FAQ's

Our priority continues to be providing our customers with a safe environment in terms of hygiene and respecting space whilst supporting their exercise journey. Your safety is the most important thing to us.


Are there any membership restrictions in place?

 All memberships have returned to their original T&C's, with no further restrictions on number of visits per day

Are there age restrictions in place?

Fusion offer products and services that are subject to age restrictions, to ensure the best experience when using the facilities customer may be asked to provide proof of age. The following are examples of accepted proof of age documents, passport, photo student ID, Proof of age card, driving licence.

As a member, do I still benefit from advanced bookings?

Yes, definitely. Members benefit from 24 hours advanced booking. In most Centres, members can book 7 days in advance, while non-members can book 6 days in advance. 

Charnwood Specific (Bookings can be made 7 full days in advance for both members and non-members. Bookings can be made from 8pm the night before the 7 days).

Why have you re-implemented a 'no show' and late cancellation policy?

This is to ensure that we are promoting a 'fair use' policy. This will allow us to manage the bookings more effectively and encourage members to cancel a booking if they cannot attend in enough time to give other customers the opportunity to attend.

I am not receiving any of Fusion's emails. What do I need to do?

Firstly, please check your junk email. If it is not in there, please contact stating that you would like to 'opt in' to receive emails from us. Please also follow your local centre's social media pages for updates.

How do I upgrade or amend my membership?

You can request this in writing, via email to your Centre. They will process this for you. All amendments must be given with one month's notice.

How do I freeze my membership?

To freeze your membership, please visit the contact us page on the centre website, click "Give Notice of Membership Freeze" option, complete the freeze request form and submit it successfully. Once submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation. More information on freezes can be found on the website.

How do I cancel my membership?

Sorry to hear that you're looking to leave. If you wish to cancel you can do so by completing the 'give notice of membership cancellation' form found on the left hand side panel on the 'contact us' page of our main website

My query has not been answered in the above, who do I contact?

Please go to the 'Contact Us' page on the website to leave an enquiry. Please select whether it is a Centre specific or general enquiry and one of our team members will respond as quick as we can. 

Ice Rink:

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing comfy clothes which cover your arms and legs. You may want to bring gloves with you also. Beanies are allowed to be worn on the ice but baseball caps and other hats are not permitted. Helmets are permitted as long as they do not obstruct vision and are able to be secured underneath the chin.

What can I do with my belongings?

We have lockers within the centre which require a 20p coin in order to use them. All items left in the lockers are done so at your own risk. It's worth noting that other than our lockers, the rest of the site is cashless.

Is skate hire included?

Skate hire is not included within the price of your general admission skate ticket. There is a £2.10 charge to hire skates.

What are the range of sizes you offer for skate hire?

We range from child  size 5 to adult size 14. 

Do parents/guardians need to go on the ice with children?

All children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. Children over the age of 8 do not need to be accompanied by an adult but must be stable on their feet.

Do you offer skate aids?

We do, skate aids are for children aged 14 and under. Penguins are suitable for children under 120cm, and snowmen are suitable for children under 14 but taller than 120cm. Skate aids are £5.20 each for the session. Click here for more information on skate aids.

I am a wheelchair user, am I able to be on the ice in my chair?

Yes, we have ramps to ensure a safe entry onto and off the ice.

Do you offer any sessions for younger children?

During term time we offer 'Skate Tots' - a session which aims to get younger children on the ice and feel more confident. To find out more information on Skate Tots click here.

I have issues with sensory overload and struggle to listen to the music on the ice, is there anything  I can do?

For anyone who finds music overwhelming you're more than welcome to wear ear defenders to quieten things down.

Do you have a shop?

We reception we sell ice skates and other ice skating accessories such as gloves, skate guards and hock tapes. Please call ahead to check models and sizing of our skates, as our range at site is limited.

Learn to Skate - Group Lessons

What do we get with a Skate School Membership?

1x 30 minute lesson each week with a coach. You also get access to public sessions and skate hire. 

How do the ice skating coaches deliver lessons?

The coaches will meet everyone on the ice. Everyone will start in the beginners/assessment class unless the participant has already completed levels with the NISA (National Ice Skating Association)

Each level is based on a series of skills which you will learn and then master with the aid of your coach. Once you have been assessed and passed all the skills you will be able to move to the next level. 

When I arrive at the centre, what do I do?

Walk straight to reception and aim to be there 15 minutes before class starts. Please be aware this may be busier in peak periods. This gives you enjoy time to get your skates on before the class begins. 

Where do parents/guardians go while the lesson is running?

Parents/guardians can watch from the rink-side. Face coverings are recommended. Please note children under the age of 8 cannot be without an adult in the building. Please be sure to dress appropriately. 

Can you use your own skates in the lesson?

You can borrow skates from our skate hire (free with skate school membership), or you are welcome to bring your own. Please note, if buying skates to bring to your lessons you should ensure they have been sharpened before stepping onto the ice. 

Does the Skate School assess?

Yes, assessments are regularly done in class. They're informal but you will be asked to show the movements you have been working on. Once passed you will be able to move up a level. You are able to check your childs progress online by logging into their Fusion Home Portal account. Please be aware that it will say Swim School, but both share the same portal.

Are badges given out for each level?

Yes, pop to reception after you have passed a level and pick up your embroidered badge.

What are my children's class times?

Click on the contact us page, and under enquiry type select 'My current Swim School Inquiry' (this is the same portal for the skating lessons). A member of staff will be in contact shortly after. 

I can't access my child's skate school portal?

Please contact the ice rink to reset the parental consent. 

I would like to have private lessons, how do I go about this?

Private lessons can be arranged with our skate coordinator, please email or call the rink on 01865 305010 to speak to someone who will put you in touch with the skate coordinator. 

You'll need to let the skate coordinator know your ability or NISA level if you know it, your availability, duration of the lesson and your discipline. The skate coordinator will match you with the right coach. 

Private lessons cost £12.50 per 15 minutes. That will be paid directly to the coach at the end of your lesson.  

Please be aware you will also need to pay entry to the session you are skating in either via reception or by booking online. 

My query has not been answered in the above, who do I contact?

Please go to the 'Contact Us' page on the website to leave an enquiry. Please select whether it is a Centre specific or general enquiry and one of our team members will respond as quick as we can.