5 must-read beginner workout tips

It's your New Year's resolution to get fitter. And this year, you mean business.

Only thing is, you haven't stepped foot into a gym since Year 9 P.E. and you've no idea what to do when you get there.

Leaving the couch and into the gym can be a daunting process, especially when everyone seems to know what they're doing.

Rest assured, we've got plenty of tips to get your confidence up so you can hit the ground running. 

Time it right

It's a well-known truth that simply getting to the gym can be the biggest hurdle.

One trick? Hit the gym first thing and feel smug that you've smashed your workout while most people are still in bed. Why? Leaving your session until later in the day gives you way more time to think up excuses to bail.

Another trick is to think of neat ways to squeeze workouts into your schedule. Lots of people think that you need to spend hours in the gym to get a decent workout in, but that's far from the truth. Get to a 45-minute class moments before it starts, leave straight after and you'll be over and done with in a flash.

Find a gym buddy

We've all been there. When it gets later in the day, it gets all too easy to think of excuses to collapse on the sofa rather than hit the gym.

Defeat end of the day excuses by finding a family member or friend you can rely on with similar goals and fitness levels as you. If you know they'll be waiting for you at the door of 6pm BodyPump, you're more likely to feel guilty if you bail. 

What's more, exercising with a friend can boost the length and intensity of a workout by 200%. Not bad, right?

Get fit the fun way

HIIT. Spinning. Yoga. It seems like virtually everyone is getting involved in group exercise these day.

Want to release pent-up stress? Try boxing classes. Want to move and get in the groove? Why not try a dancing class like Zumba. 

The truth is: the best exercise is the one that you enjoy doing!

Another option?

Make a playlist of your favourite songs - and only allow yourself to listen to it at the gym. 

Cranking up the tunes helps you zone out everyone else and helps keep your focus on your workout instead!

Have a game plan

Wandering around the gym aimlessly on your first visit is no one's idea of fun. Instead, do your research before so you know exactly what you're doing from the moment you step foot in the gym.

Remember, everyone was a beginner once, so don't be afraid to ask questions. Our friendly instructors on the gym floor are there to help! There's usually helpful pointers on each exercise machine too. 

Don't fancy winging it?

Take all the guesswork out of your first visit by simply joining a class. They're often designed to give you a full body workout and the instructor is on hand to give you helpful hints as you go!

Treat yourself

On days when you're not feeling a workout, you're likely to need an extra boost of motivation to do so. 

Whether it's a relaxing bath when you get home or your favourite smoothie on the way back, choose your "indulgent incentive" and only allow yourself it once you've completed your workout. 

Just try and keep your reward somewhat healthy if you can!

Trust us: it's never too late to reset and restart!

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Are you in?