WIN the DAY with a new personal best!

Recording your personal best (PB) is a brilliant way to track your progress, help to plan for new goals, and remind you just how great you're doing on your fitness journey. 

No matter which activity you're looking to improve in, we all aim to refine and build on our ability. Here are some tips on how to record and work towards enhancing your personal best.

Set multiple goals

Instead of striving towards one main goal, give yourself more leeway and different options. Perhaps these could be smaller steps leading towards an end goal, or multiple big targets that you want to achieve. This helps to keep your journey far more positive, flexible and rewarding, rather than using all of your focus in one direction. 

Plan your method

Work out what you want your fitness journey to look like - what is it you want to achieve? How quickly do you want to achieve it? Are there any obstacles, and if so, what's the best resolution? 

Note down all your thoughts and the steps to achieving your end goals. Perhaps make reminders in your diary or on your phone to define your routine.

Keep track of your progress

Whether you prefer the traditional method of noting down your progress or keeping track on an app, this is a great way of remembering what you're working towards and how you're doing so far! It also helps to narrow your focus, sets clear benchmarks, increases your motivation and is easy to refer to.

Surround yourself with positive peers

If you feel that you are more motivated when exercising with someone else, find someone that has a similar interest in achieving - with a positive outlook! This will help you to stay on track and feel energized and optimistic. Although be cautious not to compare yourself to others, each person has their own level of ability and what feels comfortable for them.

Don't ignore nutrition 

Set yourself up to achieve by taking care of your body - eating healthier, nutrient-rich foods and staying hydrated are key to giving you the best chances of reaching success. Fueling your body correctly will help to keep you on your A-game and feeling great - try to look out for foods that are high in fibre, antioxidants, protein and 'healthy fats'. 

Staying hydrated is also important as it helps to keep joints lubricated, deliver nutrients to cells, keep your organs functioning properly and reduce fatigue. Try to aim for around 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Rest and reflect 

Getting enough rest is key to allowing your body to recover and recharge. This isn't always achievable when you have a busy lifestyle, although even making time for short breaks in the day will allow you to reflect and recoup your thoughts. Sleep can also benefit your mood and emotions, plus your focus levels and productivity.

Remember to evaluate your progress along your fitness journey, and give yourself credit and rewards! Plus you don't have to have a personal best in one particular area or activity. 

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