The Benefits of Swimming

No matter what your fitness level is, the general benefits of swimming are yours to go out and make your own. Swimming has a huge variety of benefits, here are some of the top ones:

  1. Full body workout. Swimming uses all the muscles in your body, whether you swim a gentle breaststroke or go hard with the butterfly, you will get a full body workout. Plus, exercising in water makes your body work more, 30 minutes in a pool is the same as 45 minutes on land.
  2. Relax and relieve stress. Whether its work stressing you out, the kids being difficult, or just life in general. Swimming releases endorphins that can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve your sleep patterns. Feeling the mental benefits just takes a light swim!
  3. Supports the body. Water supports up to 90 per cent of the body's weight. So if you sprained an ankle at Monday night football, have a long term injury or if your knees just don't like the treadmill, swimming is a brilliant way to stay active.
  4. Variety of ways to go about it. If you want to get into swimming there are a variety of things you can do. Just as an example you can change up the stroke you use to keep workouts fun and different.
  5. Fun for the kids. Kids need a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise each day. Making this fun for them is one of the easiest ways to go about it. Our Swim School is a fantastic way to get kids active whilst giving them a vital life skill!
  6. Great for general wellbeing. Just 30 minutes of swimming three times a week alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy and maintain a positive mental outlook. Do it with friends or family, and it's even more fun!
  7. Burns those calories. Swimming is one of the most effective ways to burn calories. A gentle swim can burn over 250 calories in just half an hour, more than double the amount of walking.
  8. Increases your energy levels. Just 30 minutes of swimming three times per week can boost your energy levels through increasing your metabolic rate.
  9. Exercising without the sweat. If sweating puts you off other forms of exercise then swimming may be for you! As a swimmer, you'll never feel sweaty no matter how hard you work because the water around you is constantly cooling you down.